A Maine Discourse on Systemic Oneness

May 10, 2022 | Eliot Police, Green Acre Staff, News + Announcements, Oneness of Humanity, Race Unity, Social Justice

Some staff members from Green Acre, a Bahá’í Center for Learning, and the Eliot, Maine Police Department created spaces for discourse about systemic racism in the wake of the George Floyd killing in 2020.

Grounded in several Bahá’í-inspired principles such as the oneness of humanity, the inherent nobility of all people and the importance of universal participation, the conversations encouraged participants to explore what it means to be a community for all.

What followed is an unfolding story of institutions and agencies confronting obstacles to unity and justice while working to develop a capacity to serve everyone.

This series chronicles one approach to learning in action. Consider what models and road maps can be created in your community.

Part 1

This collection of Rich Tapestry videos follows an extraordinary collaboration between people from varied backgrounds and viewpoints. It shows an example of the growing “genuine love, extreme patience, true humility, consummate tact, sound initiative, mature wisdom, and deliberate, persistent, and prayerful effort,” called for by the Bahá’í Faith. The goal is to bring about “mutual understanding, amity, and sustained cooperation.” Initiatives such as these can begin to take place at every level of society and bring into existence systemic oneness.

Part 2

In their efforts to contribute to social well-being, the participants start with points of unity. They seek to examine the attitudes needed to address the challenges in society.

Part 3

As the discourse deepens, it expands to include the Rockingham County Attorney’s Office and an artistic collaboration with a local theatre company, Seacoast Repertory Theatre.