All are welcome.

Green Acre is a space for learning, consultation,
action, and reflection

We are building community through the pursuit of truth and justice. We are a faith based organization centered on the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh and the message that the oneness of humanity is a strength we can unite around for the advancement of civilization.

With guidance from Bahá’í texts and principles, scientific and scholarly works, and our commitment to a recognition and awareness of the realities of our own community, we aim to learn, collaborate, and transform our society alongside you.

Our staff and contact resources:

Green Acre staff 


To make an appointment to visit Green Acre, or if you have any questions about our facilities, please contact:

Bonnie Wible


If you have any questions about our programming or events, please contact:

Jessica Gaines


If you might be interested in partnering with Green Acre, or would like more information about our community outreach, please contact:

Robert Sapiro


If you are exploring the Bahá’í Faith, there are various ways you can connect with our community.

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Call 800-22 UNITE (1-800-228-6483)