Feb 25, 2022 | AFROFUTURISM, Art, Green Acre, News + Announcements, Race Unity

Presented by Green Acre, a Bahá’í Center of Learning & the Seacoast African American Cultural Center (SAACC).

This arts-based exploration of Afrofuturism will include three art galleries, one at SAACC, another at Green Acre and third online, opening in late April and a monthly performance and dialogue series from May to October produced in collaboration with Theater for the People.

Themes to Explore Black Arts and Cultures (African, African American, and African Diaspora)

  • Time (Futures, Present, and Pasts)
  • Science, Technology, and Innovation
  • Ancestors, Heroes, and Trailblazers
  • Revolution and Liberation

A Vision of Afrofuturism

Imagine a vision of the future in which the stains of our collective past do not paint the present. Imagine a culture unencumbered by the weight of oppressive structures meant to divide and suppress. Imagine a society in which people of color, the African diaspora, are not tokenized or seen as “other”.  This is a vision of AFROFUTURISM.

A vision of the future in which people of African descent not only have a place in—but are synonymous with—the progress and advancement of the human race. Through art, science, philosophy, and exploration they lead our world forward.  It is in this vision we wish to explore what the contributions of the entire body of the human race can yield.

Gallery from AFROFUTURISM 2019 opening