CO·HERE | Episode 3

May 6, 2020 | Community, News + Announcements, Videos

Constructive Resilience pt. 1 | Interview with Joanna Kelley

Here is the latest in Green Acre’s conversation series CO·HERE | Perspectives from the Pines. The name derives from the verb cohere: “Be united; form a whole.”

In this week’s conversation, we begin our three part series on the concept of constructive resilience with an interview with Joanna Kelley who is a business owner, actor in the Seacoast Premiere of The Bus Stop, and all around resilient person. She shares her story of growing up in the foster system and her insights on constructive resilience.

How do you understand the concept of resilience?

How have you experienced it and developed it in your life?

How do you see constructive resilience as an active and purposeful mode of responding to oppression?