CO·HERE | Episode 4

May 13, 2020 | Community, News + Announcements, Videos

Constructive Resilience pt. 2 | Interview with Dr. Michael Penn

Here is the latest in Green Acre’s conversation series CO·HERE | Perspectives from the Pines. The name derives from the verb cohere: “Be united; form a whole.”

In this week’s conversation, we continue our three part series on the concept of constructive resilience with with Dr. Michael L. Penn, Professor of Psychology, Franklin & Marshall College.

“Constructive resilience is really a discourse about how to harvest the challenges of life such that they reap benefit so we don’t just suffer for nothing. The most absurd condition is to suffer for no good reason and not to get any benefit.”


“Constructive resilience is inviting us to reflect upon responses to suffering that is inflicted upon us by others so that our responses would help those who have caused us to suffer and also help ourselves.”

The episode expands on the aspects of constructive resilience and also gives personal examples of these ideas can be practically applied.