Reconceptualizing Blackness - A Youth Call to Action - July 25-30, 2022

Reconceptualizing Blackness

A Youth Call to Action

Mon 7/25 @ 5:00 pm EDT Sat 7/30 @ 12:30 pm EDT

We invite youth of all races and spiritual traditions to apply to attend The Wilmette Institute’s first anti-racism week for youth focusing on the Black experience. This session is intended for youth of all backgrounds who are active or interested in racial justice with regards to any ethnic or racial community. We believe everyone needs to be informed about Blackness, so we can work together toward a unified society. 

Green Acre is providing the venue for the week. Space is limited, and interested youth should fill out the application linked to at the bottom of this page.

We will foster a consultative atmosphere where youth can learn from each other, make friends with their peers working in the field of racial justice, and benefit from the wisdom and expertise of experienced presenters and faculty. We seek to inspire, educate, and learn from the next generation of racial justice protagonists. We will explore “the concepts and approaches for social transformation developed in the current series of Plans that can be utilized to promote race unity in the context of community building, social action, and involvement in the discourses of society” (Universal House of Justice, July 22, 2020).

This camp is intended for students in high school, ages 14-18.

Camp will begin on Monday evening, July 25th, and run through Saturday afternoon, July 30th.

Tuition is $540
(If you think you might need a scholarship to attend, please contact us at

Planned Topics from the Curriculum:

  • African Cosmology
  • Pre-colonial African History
  • Settler Colonialism and Logics of Oppression
  • Black History with a Focus on the Contributions of Black Americans
  • Notable African American Women
  • Race as a Social Construct
  • Bystander Training for How to Respond When You Witness Racism in Your Daily Life
  • How Racism Became Institutionalized in Post-Reconstruction America
  • The Science of Skin Color
  • What the Bahá’í Writings Say About How to Solve Racism in America
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Activism Using the Arts

Our faculty includes Dr. Joy DeGruy, Kamal Sinclair, Masud Olufani, Jeanais Brodie, and Justin de Leon, among others.

This class is provided by the Wilmette Institute and hosted on Green Acre’s campus. The Bahá’í inspired curriculum explores strategies for solving America’s ongoing racial problems. Attendees will participate in devotional programs and discuss spiritual perspectives.

Bahá’ís seek to work with all members of the community to solve humanity’s social ills. We do not proselytize or require adherence or allegiance to Bahá’í teachings or modes of thought. This session welcomes youth of all stripes who want to work on “America’s most challenging issue,” achieving racial justice.

One of our goals for youth camp is to record the lectures, Q&A sessions, and some discussion sections for later use in an online version. Final edited videos will be posted publicly online. Video cameras will be present, and a photo release will be requested from youth participants and their parents/guardians.

We encourage all participants to bring a friend or apply in groups. You will be grouped together with those you come with whenever possible.

Interested youth should fill out the application. THIS IS NOT A REGISTRATION FORM. This is an application, and we will select only some youth who apply:

Applications are reviewed in the order received.

Preference will be given to youth who are active in racial justice, to Black youth, to youth attending in pairs or groups, and to youth who live near Green Acre.

COVID Disclaimer: This event is dependent upon the continued permissive COVID-19 status in Eliot, Maine. If public health officials or the Bahá’í administration advise we cancel or delay camp due to a peak in cases or a new variant, then we will do so.

Chaperones:  We are looking for young adults to serve as chaperones. Chaperones are not charged tuition and are welcome and encouraged to attend the programming. We are especially looking for chaperones who are active in racial justice, who are serving as youth animators, and/or who are Black or BIPOC. If you are interested in serving as a chaperone, please email us!  

You can reach us at


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