Service by Program | Summer

Are you interested in serving at Green Acre this summer? We have several opportunities for individuals (18+) to serve for one or two weeks at a time. You would be serving in multiple departments and would be supporting the basic operations of the school. Your help is essential as the Green Acre staff alone are not enough to care for all the needs of the summer.

Please complete the form below with your information and choice of service dates. We will get back you within 1-3 days.

Programs that require a large number of volunteers are in bold. Dates are one day before and after the program.

July 8th – 15th | Higher Level Institute Courses – Intensive

July 16th – 22nd | Regional Baha’i Council Sponsored Program

July 25th – Aug 7th | ISGP Undergraduate Seminar

Aug 7th – 20th | ISGP Northeast Undergraduate Seminar

Aug 21st – 27th | Homecoming

Aug 29th – Sept 3rd | Institute Family Weekend

Sept 12th – 16th | SeaCHANGE Conference