Crossing the Threshold: Envisioning the Coming of Age of the Entire Human Race

“Humanity, having passed through the ages of infancy and childhood, now stands at the threshold of its collective maturity, the hallmark of which will be the unification of the human race…”

Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Where are we headed? What if world peace were not only possible but inevitable? Could it be the next stage in humanity’s collective destiny? How can we draw on our diversity and collective strength to make it a reality?

“…the earth’s inhabitants are now challenged to draw on their collective inheritance to take up, consciously and systematically, the responsibility for the design of their future.”

Humanity faces seemingly insurmountable challenges: extremes of wealth and poverty, environmental catastrophes, crisis of governance, prejudices of all kinds and the continuing inequalities between women and men. The arts and the artist are crucial to imagine a world where we have overcome these challenges and convey the power of the human spirit to design our collective future. The arts widen our gaze and enable people to see nobility in their fellow human beings. 

Join us in viewing and reflecting upon the art pieces that present a collective view of this very deep and meaningful theme. Come see what each artist has offered in their representation of spirituality and the reality of humanity’s “Crossing the Threshold.”

This art exhibit will run from June 3rd through November 25th, 2023. We will take the time to explore this theme of “Crossing the Threshold,” and as we go through the duration of this exhibit, other events related to this theme will be taking place. Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of “Envisioning the Coming of Age of the Entire Human Race.”

“Who is it that can imagine the lofty standard which such a civilization… is destined to attain?”

“Who can measure the heights to which human intelligence, liberated from its shackles, will soar?”

“Who can visualize the realms which the human spirit… will discover?”