Welcome to the Pupil of the Eye online art exhibit! Green Acre has been engaged in efforts to advance our collective understanding of current social justice issues affecting our society through the arts. We started exploring Justice through Beauty with several shows before and as a continuum of this exploration, our Pupil of the Eye art show focused the conversation on race and how we can all be a part of bringing race amity into our communities.

The Bahá’í Writings liken people of the African diaspora to the pupil of the eye. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, son of the Founder of the Bahá’í Faith, said, “Thou art like unto the pupil of the eye which is dark in colour, yet it is the fount of light and the revealer of the contingent world.

In the human body, the pupil both admits and regulates the flow of light, allowing vision to take place while protecting this most precious gift of sight. What then could be the spiritual significance of this analogy for our entire human family? Could it be a vision for healing the division and strife caused by this great illness of racism?

“…the accomplishment of unity between the colored and white [in America] will be an assurance of the world’s peace.”

— ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

Each artist, through their unique creative process and interpretation, share their understanding of how the people of the African diaspora are a “fount of light” within the community. With the above quotes and questions in mind, we invite you to view the exhibit and ponder how the establishment of racial harmony in this country will be the cause of peace and prosperity on a global scale.