As part of Green Acre’s current art show, Just, Diverse, United: The Destiny of America, we bring you an evening of virtual discourse on Music as a Ladder of Social Ascent.

“We have made music a ladder by which souls may ascend to the realm on high. Change it not into wings for self and passion.”

— Bahá‘u’lláh

An evening of dialogue exploring the power of music to uplift society from the dross of oppression and injustice to the heights of unity and oneness. An elevated conversation by a panelist of three musicians—Roman Orona, Laila Murphy and Emiliano Morondos—consciously using music as a ladder of ascent for humanity.

Roman Orona, internationally acclaimed indigenous dancer, singer, actor and craftsman

Roman Orona (Apache, Pueblo and Yaqui), is a Native American performer (dancer, singer, flutist), producer, director, podcaster, and owner of iamHUMAN Media. iamHUMAN Media is a national non-profit that develops programs to address social discourse, create community and unite humanity through the arts. In 2016, Roman was awarded the Best Male Vocalist Award at the Native American Music Awards for his album “Circling Spirits.” Roman also hosts a weekly podcast called “The Indigenous Cafe Podcast” playing indigenous music and discussing virtues from around the world. Find more information about Roman Orona at and iamHUMAN Media at

Laila Murphy - vocal performance artist and flutist

Laila Murphy is a professional musician living in Portland, Oregon with her husband and three children. She is a member of the Bahá’í Faith and has always used music as a way to connect to people’s spirits and hearts. Laila has played flute with the Oregon Symphony Orchestra, Portland Opera, and many pit orchestras. As a musical theater performer she has been in numerous productions in the Northwest. She believes that the arts are a huge unifying force and can be used to promote justice, cause change, and create awareness of what the world needs. She is a graduate of Northwestern University.

Emiliano Morondos is Phoenix-based MC, artist, producer, audio engineer and youth development professional

Emiliano Morondos is a Phoenix-based MC, artist, producer, audio engineer and youth development professional who organizes and facilitates multiple arts-based empowerment programs for youth and adults throughout the country. He has 20 plus years of creating and performing fresh, challenging Bahá’í-inspired hip hop.