VIDEO | Visual Arts: Contributing to a Just, Diverse & United Society

Mar 4, 2021 | Art, Bahá’í Faith, Community, Just, Diverse, United – The Destiny of America, Music, Race Unity, Social Justice, Spirituality, Videos

Explore the role that the visual arts can play in the creation of a society described in the title of Green Acre’s current art show: Just, Diverse, United: The Destiny of America. Listen as featured artists Nommo Kofi Diop, Angela Denise Lee and Michèle Jubilee share how they use visual arts in service to humanity, followed by break out sessions engaging in guided and meaningful conversation about the creation of this long-awaited society.

Nommo Kofi Diop

Nommo Kofi Diop: “I began painting and drawing from elementary school, and went on to study art (general studio practice) at San Jose State University, where I received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in 2000. Currently my emphasis is on African collective thought and patterns exploring internal creativity, by deconstructing the present negative world and surrounding myself in an environment that looks beyond the external to paint and draw a positive unprecedented vision of the present future.”

Angela Denise Lee

Angela Denise Lee: “I am a self taught artist that has recently fallen in love with painting. I paint in many layers and create textures in my paintings. It became my symbolic way to represent my life thru my art. Over the past 2 years I painted as a way to deal with depression, chronic pain and dealing with the after effects of brain surgery a year ago. Art has given me peace, freedom and a way to finally find my own voice and believe in myself and the power of my words and love Myself unconditionally as an amazing and flawed Human.”

Michèle Jubilee

Michèle Jubilee is a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator currently living in California. Her work explores themes of authenticity, the relationship between material and spiritual existence, and individual vs. collective human experience. Michèle often explores the human body and nature as a metaphor for spiritual themes and ideas. Her various projects range from painting, printmaking, photography, digital illustration, poetry, murals and installation.