Summer 2022

Apr 6, 2022 | Green Acre, News + Announcements

Green Acre is joyfully looking forward to welcoming friends back for learning, consultation, action, and reflection. We know you have questions about upcoming programs and wanted to share an update. 

Over the last six months, Green Acre has been opening up slowly, learning about hosting gatherings safely amid the changing conditions of the pandemic, and modifying protocols as needed. We have held a series of one-day events and some overnight weekend programs. This summer, we will be hosting in-person programming with overnight guests. Currently, we will require proof of vaccination, masking, and negative Covid test results for overnight guests. Protocols will change based on conditions.  

Green Acre’s vision and mission are evolving. Our primary goal is to align Green Acre’s resources—activities, accommodations, and people—to the requirements of the current series of global Bahá’í plans. We are focused, first and foremost, on how to contribute to the advancement of the Piscataqua Cluster and the Northeast region by supporting the efforts of their institutions, notably the Regional Training Institute. As part of the National Spiritual Assembly’s Office of Education and Schools, Green Acre also prioritizes programs sponsored by the NSA.  

This summer, Green Acre’s priority will be to host institute training courses, NSA-sponsored programs—such as the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity, the Association of Bahá’í Studies, and the Wilmette Institute—and offerings that explore the issues of the day through discourse and the arts. As a result, our summer schedule will look different than it has in the past.  

One key change, which is part of a larger shift, is that we will move from a 5-day session format to a 2-3 day weekend format for most programs. We anticipate that some programs may return but in a shorter format. The purpose of this format change is to allow for programming to be spaced out throughout the year, taking place on many weekends rather than concentrated on summer weeks, making it possible for Green Acre to serve the requirements of the current series of plans more effectively. 

We look forward to sharing more specific programming details in the weeks ahead and truly cannot wait to see you here, once again, in this place where ‘Abdu’l-Bahá reminded us “to laugh, smile, and rejoice in order that others may be made happy by you.”