Seven Valleys Toward Reconciliation

Sep 23, 2020 | Bahá’í Faith, Community, News + Announcements, Race Unity, Social Justice, Spirituality, Videos

Indigenous story-teller Louise Profeit-LeBlanc explores the mystical teachings of Bahá’u’lláh contained within the volume The Seven Valleys as a framework for the journey of reconciliation. The tool of reconciliation is one that has historically been applied to relations between groups of people but it is also a journey that each individual must take within themselves—and it is sorely needed in today’s divisive atmosphere.

Louise Profeit-LeBlanc – “Tse Duna”

Louise is a Traditional Storyteller from the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation of the Yukon Territory in Northern Canada. Her 30 year commitment to the cultural and artistic heritage of her people includes being co-founder of two seminal organizations of the Yukon: the Yukon International Storytelling Festival and the Society of Yukon Artists of Native Ancestry. Both of these organizations helped to inspire an artistic revival and recognition of Indigenous art in the territory.

Louise worked for several years as the Yukon Native Heritage advisor for the Yukon Government, recording traditional stories relative to Yukon geographical place names. She pays tribute to the many Elders she was privileged to work with for over a decade, ensuring these precious stories were captured for future generations.

Louise worked for over eleven years to help advance Aboriginal art in Canada through her position at Canada Council for the Arts, where she served as coordinator for the Aboriginal Arts Office, in Strategic Initiatives.

Despite her full time employment at Canada Council Louise continued to respond to requests from regional and local Aboriginal gatherings, festivals and inner city school programs, sharing traditional stories and providing a framework of curriculum for teachers to use in their classes. She was also privileged to be invited as a storyteller at international venues including Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Greenland, Scotland, USA, Belize, and Hawaii and at many national Indigenous artistic gatherings.